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Once upon a time, there was a tiny plush fox, round and fluffy, like a ball of cotton. This wee beast was stylish and faceted, a tiny jewel in a sea of robots and e-people. It was free for all and meant to have something for everyone. 

But no avatar can be everything. That's why I've released the source files! All that is the CottonFox packed tightly into a unity package, complete with blend and fbx files, and even a quest ready build. 

I put a lot of heart into this avatar, and now I'd like to see what other people might do with it. Longer ears? Sure. Master Chief reskin, why not? How about an extra tail or two. The possibilities are endless. 

You can test drive the public version on CottonFox Isle 

This avatar requires VRCSDK3, VCC and Unity.

If you don't have Blender 3.0.1+ installed, the .blend file may not load. To fix this, install blender, open the .blend file and save. This should force unity to reload. Alternatively, you can use the FBX package.

For the AudioLink fur effect, you must install the latest version of AudioLink through the VRChat Creator Companion app.

Always reference the VRChat docs for the latest requirements.


This avatar has puppet rigging, constraints, shader and animation tricks. It might not be friendly for those who are new to unity or blender.


  • Works in VRChat
  • SDK3
  • More than 40 swappable skins
  • Over 50 accessories to toggle
  • Custom fur shader
  • AudioLink effects
  • Hue, saturation, brightness and inversion controls.
  • Physbone ears, tail and contact receivers.
  • Custom locomotion system.
  • Flight toggle
  • Mouth visemes
  • Lip tracking
  • Size controls
  • Good ranking & fallback compatible quest build

Terms of use:

Please Do:

  • Customize the model, textures, animations, etc.
  • Add skins, colors and accessories.
  • Be kind.

Please Don't:

  • Resell or redistribute.
  • Alter the author info inside the body.

Support & Requests

You can contact me via

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CottonFox PC & Quest Unity Package


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13 ratings
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