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What's that shining in the void? Some kind of crystal formation. A copious collection of fragments, fit fondly in the form of a person. Shimmering in the space between portals, a place hardly understood, yet mystifying all the same. You might be familiar with this pointy fella if you've solved the FiveSkies puzzle.

Back when I was figuring out what do to for an avatar reward in FiveSkies, a friend put together a sketch that's almost the same as Glean's final design. They didn't want a public credit, but their contribution is appreciated none-the-less.

Wanna try before you buy? The public version can be found in Median (or in the FiveSkies void)

This avatar requires Unity, VRCSDK3 and Blender 3.0.1 or newer.

Always reference the VRChat docs for the latest version requirements.


This avatar has shader and animation tricks. It might not be friendly for those who are new to unity or blender.


  • Swappable skins
  • Adjustable hue, saturation and brightness.
  • Custom shaders with AudioLink effects
  • Compatible with full body tracking

Terms of use:

Please Do:

  • Customize the model, textures, animations, etc.
  • Add/Remove/Swap skins, tools and accessories.
  • Be kind.

Please Don't:

  • Resell or redistribute.
  • Alter the author info.

You can contact me via

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Glean PC & Quest Unity Package

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