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The HandyDrone is the 22nd century’s premier robotic helper. Outfitted with all the features you love; flight, audio effects, drawing tools and more! The HandyDrone steps it up by taking customizability to the next level. Choose one of the eight pre-designed skins, and paint it your favorite color! Change the hue of the lights! You can even select left or right handedness for additional accessibility.

This floating bot is optimized for enhanced communication, featuring segmented fingers for easily read sign language, drawing tools and a holographic display for pre-programmed responses.

You can’t go wrong with a HandyDrone! Wanna try before you buy? The public version can be found in Median

This avatar requires VRCSDK3, VCC and Unity.

If you don't have Blender 3.0.1+ installed, the .blend file may not load. To fix this, install blender, open the .blend file and save. This should force unity to reload. Alternatively, you can use the FBX package.

For the AudioLink effect, you must install the latest version of AudioLink through the VRChat Creator Companion app.

Always reference the VRChat docs for the latest requirements.


This avatar has constraints, shader and animation tricks. It might not be friendly for those who are new to unity or blender.

Why isn't it quest compatible?

There wouldn't be much left if all of the custom shaders and constraints were removed -- even less after reducing the poly count enough to get it into 'fallback' territory.


  • Works in VRChat (SDK3)
  • Swappable skins
  • Adjustable hue, saturation and brightness
  • Physbone effects & toggles
  • Text display
  • AudioLink
  • Flight toggle
  • Viseme effects
  • Arm and hand scale control

Terms of use:

Please Do:

  • Customize the model, textures, animations, etc.
  • Add/Remove skins, tools and accessories.
  • Be kind.

Please Don't:

  • Resell or redistribute.
  • Alter the author info.

You can contact me via

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