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Segments is an asset pack for simple and fast VRChat world creation. This pack has halls, bends, splits, ramps and rooms, designed on a grid for easy assembly. In addition to blend and fbx files, you'll find a quick start guide and unity project with a unity/vrc demo world.

Wanna try before you buy? You can visit the demo here:

The Demo requires Unity, VRCSDK3 and Blender 3.x+.

The scene in Unity uses a .blend file, which may not load if blender v3 or newer isn't installed. An FBX is included for the segment models, so the main content of this pack is still useable without blender/unity. The demo world uses ProTV by Architechanon in the theater room.

Always reference the VRChat docs for the latest version requirements.


This asset pack requires knowledge of blender and unity or similar modeling and game engine tools. It may not be friendly for those who aren't already familiar with such software.


  • More than 50 modules.
  • Works in VRChat (SDK3)
  • Low Poly
  • Unity demo world.
  • Custom made HSV standard and water shaders (from demo)
  • UV's ready for tiling textures
  • Built on 1x1 meter grid for easy assembly

Terms of use:

Please Do:

  • Customize the models, textures, etc.
  • Lay out the segments and make a rad world with it.
  • Add credits.
  • Be kind.

Please Don't:

  • Upload the demo world without doing something unique with it.
  • Resell or redistribute.

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Unity Package with demo world, FBX & Blend files, Quick Start PDF.


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